Pastor’s Voice

The mission of the Spiritualist Living Center is to serve the unserved, provide a positive presence of Spiritualist teaching in the Phoenix metropolitan area, and support the work of Spirit.


Living in the Now

I believe we nurture a divine, incredibly powerful I that, once unleashed, would reveal the light and life of spirit for all to see. Now the question is, Do we all believe that? I hope the answer is yes. As Spiritualists, our Spirit nature forms the basis of our philosophy of life.

We are taught the importance of living in the now. Do we all understand what that means? Living in the now—NOW. We know that the past is done, it’s history. That history is now a record of the actions of Spirit to help bring us to the place where we are at this point to understand who we are in our development. Much as we might regret aspects of our background or look back and think of people who left us with moments of sadness or anger, we need to remember that all those things that happened to us have made us who we are.

Even when reflecting on some of those difficult times in our past, surely there were times or incidents when humor lightened the load, some friend entered the scene to ease our pain, or we learned something about ourselves that brought about peace or inner strength. For example, perhaps you were part of a group brought together to have to help move a family out of a house in a short time—a very short time. The work seemed exhausting and overwhelming, and the someone began singing light-hearted songs or reminding everyone of some fun times everyone shared so others could hear and laugh along with them. Maybe Mom comes in and starts telling stories about ol’ Jack, with a gleam in her eye embarrassing him and, in turn, lightening the hearts of everyone present. Or maybe the fact that Mom or Dad came over resulted in renewed energy for everyone.

You know, the problem is that if we are not busy pining over the sad things in our past, we are worrying about the troublesome things that have not yet happened. We do this even though we know that 95% of the things we worry about

never happen. Do we enjoy this responsibility? Does this make us feel important? Do we enjoy having our mind focused on something that has no meaning whatsoever? Or is this just a bad habit we learned from a parent? Maybe we think we are prophets and know what will happen in the future so we can worry things into being? If that is the case, then let’s think positive things into being and not negative things. Why are we worrying about bad things? Let’s be excited about the marvelous things that are going to occur! It’s the same process, right?

So we are to live in the now. The few minutes we have for meditation during each service allows us to experience that now. For some of us, that time is the one time we allow ourselves to just be. We find it difficult to meditate—it does take practice. There are many forms of meditation: walking meditation, humming, chanting, ohming, breathing, engaging in some physical exercise, or some other form. Every one of us has some activity—or lack of activity—that leaves us in a state of higher consciousness—a state of experiencing the now.

Some people might be fearful of their inner self. We learn a great deal from our parents and other adults in our life, modeling much of our behavior and life practices after them. Those of you with children may have seen this as you watched them grow, mimicking you as they talked to their dolls or pets or little brothers or sisters. Some of it might have been embarrassing at times; at other times, you might have felt a great deal of pride. As they grew older, you might have seen great similarities—and you would have delighted as they distinguished themselves with their own personalities.

Each of us can marvel at how we reflect certain patterns that have carried through our family tree. I was distanced from my sister, an Irish twin, for some 26 years. When we began our rapprochement and began acting civilly toward each other—yes, it’s a long story and I owe it all to Spirit—she sent me a picture of her grown kids and grandkids. I looked at her and thought, “Holy smokes! She looks

like Grandma!” Then I had my driver’s license renewed and had that picture taken. Guess what? I looked like Grandma!! Talk about living in the now! The sad part is that I had allowed some things that had happened 26 years before when my mother passed to destroy so many years of living in the now. I have never met my youngest 40-year-old nephew. Whom have I hurt?

Let’s live in the now.

Let’s remember that if I can change, and I have changed a great deal lover the last many years, so can other people. We need to allow them to change and accept that reality.

If you tend to pine over the miserable things in your past, then focus on the positive aspects of those things and the reasons why Spirit would bring them into our life. What were the lessons we were to learn? And did we learn them?

If you insist on worrying about things that could happen, I challenge you to be as excited about the marvelous things that could occur.


There are more than just one aura? Often we talk about an aura as if there were only one, but the aura is quite complex—isn’t everything? Four types of auras are discussed by the medieval saints and mystics: the nimbus, the halo, the aureola, and the glory. The nimbus and the halo stream from the head; the aureola surrounds the entire body; and the glory combines the other three types of auras. Now, if you have these four types understood, here are the other types: the Health Aura, the Vita Aura, the Karmic Aura, the Aura of Character, and the Aura of Spiritual nature.

a) The health aura is colorless and perceived as many straight lines radiating in all directions from the body.

b) The vital aura is controlled somewhat by the will. It has a “delicate rosy tint,” which becomes bluish as it radiates outward.

c) The karmic aura reflects the feelings and desires of the individual in the constantly changing colors.

d) The aura of character is permanent, containing the records of the past earth life of the personality.

e) The aura of spiritual nature, although rarely seen by the clairvoyant, is the most powerful aura, outshining the rest of the auras in brilliancy.

Joy and love to all,  Rev. Norma