Meditation – Mediumship – Healing


Two major threads of Spiritualism are mediumship and healing, both of which bring comfort and solace to those who are suffering from grief or the loss of someone close. In Spiritualism, we know that a person’s passing only means that the person is present in a different way. Once we were able to talk to that person, hear that person’s voice, touch that person, and be touched by a hug or a kiss. Now that individual exists without a body, but still has all the love, the memories, and the uniqueness associated with his or her personality. Spiritualism offers that healing gift to all through mediumship.

All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. Mediums serve as translators between a spirit and the sitter. By raising his or her vibration to work with the spirit, who is of a higher and faster vibrational energy, the medium helps the spirit who has learned to communicate on a lower vibration send a message of love and encouragement. Spirit is then able to send messages of love, participating in our services to minister to those present.

5/2/17 – Practicing Spiritual Healing at Mediumship Lab