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Despite what you might have seen on television or in the movies, a séance  can take many forms. Spiritualist séances usually feature a small group who gather to share energy by singing or humming to invite the Spirits of loved ones or important people to come to communicate with the participants. Typically, a séance might involve physical phenomena, but we don’t have anyone skilled in that form of mediumship at this time. So we share messages from Spirit for the people there. Communication with the dead is not a trick–it is real, and we benefit from the messages we receive. A séance can leave participants with comfort and healing as well as provide closure in some instances. Of course, we cannot tell a specific Spirit to show up–spirit decides if the Spirit will be present and for whom. We all learn from the messages, though. All messages provide positive insight into living according to natural law on both the physical and spiritual levels. Join us as we invite Spirit to share the evening with us.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is different from other forms of healing in that spiritual healing is a form of mediumship. The healing minister serves as a go-between, allowing Spirit to heal the individual. The healing may be felt right away or days later, depending upon the action of Spirit. Spiritual healing requires an open heart toward whatever healing Spirit conveys. Does Spiritual healing work? Oh, yes, and spiritual healing has a unique feature in that absent healing can occur when someone receives a spiritual healing for someone else who is not physically present.