Pastor’s Blog

July 6, 2019 

We fear looking within to heal because there is a part of us that is convinced there may be something terrible we will find out about ourselves, and then we won’t be able to deny it anymore. Nothing could be further from the truth. You were created by unconditional love energy, and when you experience this Truth, it is so beautiful, so pure, so enchanting, you will wonder why you ran from it for so long. Be still and know. ~ Sharon Hess 

When I read this message from Sharon Hess, I was struck by how true this insight is—we often do fear to go inside ourselves and experience what we may find there. Sometimes we might identify with a parent whose behavior we believe we might also present in our own lives. I am thinking of someone whose father was one of those people who kept his feelings to himself until some little thing, like the breaking of a dish, would set him off like Mt. Vesuvius, turning him into the Hulk, fuming with anger and cursing and knocking things all over the place with the children all scattering to hide from his blows. This son of Hulk, in turn, never allowed himself to show any anger, fearing he would also become some kind of monster. In fact, he never would have any children because of his irrational fear of someday blowing up. The truth is, this son really took more after his mother, kind and gentle—rarely disturbed by others and quite flexible. But he feared what he didn’t know within himself. We need to take the time to look inside, talk to others about what they see in us, and ask ourselves about our own feelings and reactions. Each of us is so unique—none of us is destined to be like any parent or grandparent—or uncle or aunt—even if someone says, “You’re just like (whoever).” We aren’t like anyone but ourselves. I am me and you are you. (Don’t judge my grammar.) We, each one of us, came from our own unique mold—to make our own mark on this world. So sit and reflect—honor and praise your gifts!! Do not, for a minute, allow yourself to bring up any negative trait. Nope—only all the beautiful, loving, generous, and precious gifts that are you.