Pastor’s Voice

The mission of the Spiritualist Living Center is to serve the unserved, provide a positive presence of Spiritualist teaching in the Phoenix metropolitan area, and support the work of Spirit.



There is nothing paranormal in the universe—except what we choose to call paranormal. Only because we humans have such limits on our understanding of our world do we set boundaries on what is normal and not normal. We think all humans have two arms, two legs, two eyes, and two ears. So if a child is born without two of each of these things, it is not normal. Says who? That child can be as normal as any other child. It is just different. Some people can see Spirit; some cannot see Spirit. Some can do higher math; some cannot. Some people can hear Spirit; some cannot. Some people can paint Spirit people; some people have trouble with stick people. Does that mean some people can never see or hear Spirit, do higher math, or paint Spirit people? No. Those people will just have to work harder to learn the skills involved.

Always believe we have ability—if we want to achieve the skill.

Joy and love to all,  Rev. Norma