Pastor’s Voice

The mission of the Spiritualist Living Center is to serve the unserved, provide a positive presence of Spiritualist teaching in the Phoenix metropolitan area, and support the work of Spirit.



there is a difference between Mediums, Psychics, and Channelers?

Mediums basically obtain and relay information by physical or mental means from the deceased. These messages can be given through clairvoyance, clairaudience, and/or clairsentience during a private reading, in a séance or healing circle, or at a Spiritualist church service where the medium givens messages to those in attendance. Messages can be given while fully aware, in semi-trance, or in full trance. Many mediums are also healers, prognosticators, spiritual advisors, and counselors.

A certified Spiritualist medium must ordinarily satisfy an extensive curriculum of study and practicum, including an apprenticeship and the subsequent testing of his/her mediumship skills, before receiving official certification from the particular association for which he or Psychics are able to receive and transmit information through Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and telepathy. Often psychics are able to go into a person’s past as well as seeing the present and future of the person receiving the reading. Many psychics can pick up on the energy OR vibration of objects they handle (psychometry) to gain information psychically about the person who owns it.

A channeler is a person who has the ability to receive information from disincarnate entities, from his/her higher self, and sometimes extraterrestrials. The information received is usually in the nature of a religious, spiritual, and/or prophetic vein. The ability to channel is likely the oldest form of spirit communication dating back to time immemorial and is most often confused with mediumship. [T.J. Leonard]

Joy and love to all,  Rev. Norma