Pastor’s Voice

The mission of the Spiritualist Living Center is to serve the unserved, provide a positive presence of Spiritualist teaching in the Phoenix metropolitan area, and support the work of Spirit.

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At this time, mainly because of Covit-19, many families are experiencing difficulties because of the many changes occurring in our lives—especially the passing of loved ones. Spiritualists do not believe that death means forever gone. We believe that when a person leaves this world, they transition to another dimension where they experience the next phase of their lives. They do not radically change and become angels—although some of us might enjoy such an opportunity. These people, now in Spirit form, are still with us with their good and bad habits, their memories, their love, as well as their distastes and passions. Spirits continue to grow and learn and continue their spiritual development because this is their true nature. That is why mediums can communicate with those who have passed or transitioned. Actually, we all can communicate with Spirits. Mediums are only we who said at one time, “I want to do that.” Some come by this ability naturally; others learn the process to enable them to become mediums.

During a service, mediums will give brief greetings and sometime a word of advice to members of the congregation, which is why many people come only for the greeting they may receive. I understand that. However, Spiritualists do not only wait for greetings during a service or perhaps to receive a reading from a medium at another time. Our passing to the next step involves living our true nature, our real nature—we are all spirits with a human body. Our stay on this earth is only a platform on which to develop

our Spiritual identity to prepare for the next step involving doing, learning, and preparing for the next stage of our existence, so we realize our responsibilities here more clearly. We have work to do and a life to live in joy. Do you realize how many people live in fear of dying?

On this platform, we learn the lessons of life, which are much easier to learn here than later where there are only Spirits without their bodies. Here we find it easier to work with people who bug us or those who have hurt us. We learn the lessons arising from great loss, grief, and escaping the chains of jealousy and selfishness. We learn how to give without expecting anything in return and how to continue learning, dispensing with the phantom know-it-all within that drives everyone else crazy. We learn to exert our will and stop eating, drinking, drugging—whatever crutch we lean on to escape learning our lessons. We realize people are put into our lives so that we can learn those lessons. Finally, we are grateful that we can learn those lessons here so we can fully enjoy the marvelous phases of life to come.

Joy and love to all,  Rev. Norma