Pastor’s Voice

The mission of the Spiritualist Living Center is to serve the unserved, provide a positive presence of Spiritualist teaching in the Phoenix metropolitan area, and support the work of Spirit.



You are the male and female energy of your life. Each one of you has his or her own play going on. There are billions of people on earth today; therefore, there are billions of plays going on. Are you the main character in your play? Or are you allowing someone else to be the main character? If you have relinquished your power to someone else, you are no longer the main character in your play. You have relinquished your power and your energy to someone else.

Let your cardinal rule be this: No one else can take the main stage, ever. Others can be the supporting cast, but they can never be in the lead role.

You are a gift to the universe, and the universe is filled with gifts for you. (The Power of Inner Wisdom, Rev. Marrice Coverson, NSAC, 2018).

Joy and love to all,  Rev. Norma