Team Ministry

At the Spiritualist Living Center, we enjoy a Team Ministry consisting of qualified individuals who have studied and been credentialed or are in the process of earning their credentials from the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC).

Norma Turner
Rev. Dr. Norma J. Turner, NST

At the head of the team is our Pastor the Rev. Dr. Norma J. Turner, NST. Rev. Dr. Norma has a long history of service in ministry and education, having taught high school and adults for over 30 years and served in pastoral ministry for many years as well. A gifted speaker with a friendly personality and a sense of humor, Rev. Dr. Norma tries to bring light and life to all she meets.

Maggie Simpson
Margaret “Maggie” Simpson

Assistant Pastor Margaret Simpson (Maggie) has completed her ministerial studies and is in the process of taking her exams to be ordained. Maggie is a transplant nurse by profession whose background in medicine and love for animals color and enhance her healing skills as she develops in mediumship. Always upbeat and attuned to the nuances of life around her, Maggie helps us remain grounded. Maggie serves at the Northwest Spiritualist Living Center.

Sheila Ryan

Sheila Ryan

Assistant Pastor Sheila Ryan is a long time Spiritualist with over 20-years’ experience in Spiritualism. She is a Morris Pratt Institute student preparing for ordination and serving at Spiritualist Living Center and Rising Phoenix as well as Sun Camp in Tonopah. Sheila is a dynamic Medium, who has studied at the Arthur Findlay College in England and previously held office at Sun Lakes Spiritualist Center.Sheila has facilitated many mediumship classes as well as workshops in the United states.

Debby has been a Spiritualist for over 25 years.  A graduate of the Morris Pratt Institute, she is a Spiritual Medium and Healer.  Additionally, Debby is a certified Reiki I and II healer.  Debby has served in various capacities in churches including healing and mediumship during service, assisting with fund raising events, and has been on the board of officers in various positions.

Debby Murrin

Sherry started her mediumship studies in 1977 at the First Spiritualist Temple in East Aurora in NY. She was asked to help re-establish the Church of Eternal Brotherhood in Buffalo, NY where she became the Secretary of the Board and enrolled in the Morris Pratt studies for Mediumship. She actively served on the Board and in the church until her move to Arizona in 1996. Sherry has served as a message minister at several NY churches and Lily Dale Spiritualist Camp. In addition to her many responsibilities at Palmas del Sol, Sherry is currently active as the East Valley Coordinator at the Mesa Church of the Spiritualist Living Center.

Sherry Desimone

SLC Board Members
President: Denise Hionas
Vice-President: Ray Ralls
Secretary: Maggie Simpson
Treasurer: Dennis Murrin
Trustee: Aileen Pickard